Friday, October 8, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

About a year ago we decided to do a much needed update to our kitchen. Our home was built in 1972 and as I am constantly reminded 'they don't make things like they use to'. Therefor our original "harvest gold" sink, dishwasher, double ovens etc. still worked perfectly. However, they were way out of style. So enjoy the transformation....

This is looking into the kitchen from the den.  We already began taking overhead cabinets down, when I remembered to take some before pics.  
Gotta love the harvest gold!

This is what our cabinets used to look like up close. They were custom cabinets and the budget wouldn't allow new custom, so.....our contracter showed us how he could update our same cabinets......

He simply cut out the middle, added a piece of wood to the back, then added trim in the middle. These are pictures before they painted them.

 This is the after. I just love it now. I actually enjoy my kitchen.

My conractor suggested these lights. They come from Lowe's and they have tons of different shades to interchange!
So glad Todd and I decided to splurge and buy one of the nicest faucets and have an under the counter mounted sinks.
I bought this cute lame that's an old scale with a colander as a lamp shade from one of my shopping trips to Canton, TX.

This is my pantry. I love it, and even though it's huge It's packed to the max. Everytime I reorganize it gets messy again! At least most people don't see it too often!

This is a door in my pantry that goes to the garage. I don't open it very often because my car is parked in front of it. It was supposed to be so you can back up and unload. But, I rarely back in, I could just see myself backing into the pantry. haha! So for now, it's sort of a message center.

one wall is an entire peg board so I hang pots from the hooks. Oh and back packs too!

And sometimes I hang my purse just to get it out othe way.

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Miranda said...

I had to pick my mouth up off the floor - this is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe ya'll did this yourselves! You're awesome!!!

I think I might be able to live in your pantry..LoL ;-)

It looks GREAT - ya'll should be so proud!!


Maryann said...

The "after" is stunning....

The Pressley Family said...

Wow!!! Can't believe the transformation! Great job!

Adam, April & Aidan said...

My goodness I would give up a lot to have a pantry that size!!!